Lore of the Purple Martin

Mac Teague

When Mac Teague watched as his grandfather hoist an apple box up on the workbench to build a birdhouse, he never dreamed that he himself would become one of the nations leading manufacturers of birdhouses, purple martin houses that is. His grandfather taught Mac a priceless lesson that day. He taught the values of thrift. Mac’s grandfather opened the window to the wonderful world of purple martins and a genuine love and appreciation of the natural world around us.

The Teague family had come to Oklahoma to work hard. They worked the land, the lumber, and businesses to make their place in America. From the farm, a one room school, and free enterprise Mac carved out his place in Oklahoma business. In 1954 he built a thriving sign manufacturing company that introduced him to many of the men who, like him, made things happen.
The Canadian Valley Electrical Co-op purchased a sign from Mac. While on the site, Mac and the Co-op manager Cecil Neely surveyed the progress. During conversation, talk of families and interests came up. Cecil Neely had a passion for purple martins. His interest was contagious, and Mac found himself fascinated by the martin lore. Mac returned to his manufacturing facility and using his technology in plastics, built a mold, and vacuum formed his first martin house for Mr. Neely. Cecil loved it, the martins loved it, and in 1960 the die was cast.
Mac continued with his sign company and kept making those martin houses. The venture grew faster than imaginable. All the while Mac’s fondness for the delightful birds grew. Mac designed his houses, drawing from his own observations and those having successful houses full of "Americas favorite backyard bird."
Mac Industries has always been a family business. Today the family continues working together. Quality is as much a matter of upbringing as it is of business for the Teagues. The steady hands of Mac Teagues’ grandfather that built a martin house taught valued lessons in the merits of hard work and quality craftsmanship. These are the benchmarks for each product that passes from the Teague’s hands into yours. It’s a creed.
Mac makes it pretty, "My hopes are that families will take the exit ramp off the information highway into their backyards to relax by watching and helping the martins. I hope families will spend time together learning a little about life from life. When they do, they’re apt to learn a little more about each other as well. Lemonade won’t taste any better than in the backyard with family and the martins on a cool summer evening. You can be sure of one thing... there’ll be fewer skeeters too."

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